Large national and international surfers and bodyboarders meet in Lanzarote to contest one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year (subtitled)

After several weeks waiting for the best conditions of wind and rough seas, the Quemao CLASS 2018 is about to start.

32 surfers of national and international prestige as Aritz Aranburu, Jonathan Gonzalez, Andrew Cotton, Conor Maguire or Nic Von Rupp and and other 32 bodyboarders experienced as Alexandra Rinder, Dave Hubbard and Amaury Laverne, will meet for invitation Santa to play each appointments important surfing in Europe which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

Surfers and bodyboarders enshrined in European Championships and World will be measured against new emerging values ​​in a unique setting, the beach of El Quemao. A world-class wave that breaks sharply against the village of La Santa, where each year thousands of people gather to experience this spectacular sporting event live.

This is an event that celebrates in 2018 its fourth edition and better every year in terms of organization and infrastructure, meeting for Wednesday and Thursday to press professionals specializing in the surfing world, which will place Lanzarote on the global epicenter this sport for several days.

The Quemao CLASS 2018 will be broadcast live via Facebook Live, it can also be a big tourist impact for the island of Lanzarote thanks to the content generated by this sporting event through social networks.

In addition the organizers of this event have altruistically wanted to collaborate with the Association of Disabled People Lanzarote, ADISLAN.

This is a job under the ProArts of this partnership program, which aims to develop creativity and skills of children and adolescents through a series of drawings and related Quemao CLASS performed on a sofa will be exposed designs during the days of the championship and will be auctioned at the end of the sporting event, targeting the proceeds to fund their work in ADISLAN.