The best surfers and bodyboarders sixteen qualify for the final tournament after a hard-fought qualifiers at La Santa.

He started the Quemao CLASS 2018 and did so with a great show not only water but also on land with a large number of people who gathered took place in the village of La Santa to see the best surfers and national and international bodyboarders.

Albeit with some delay waiting for the best conditions of wind and wave power, the Quemao CLASS 2018 began with the first four qualifiers bodyboard in which shone especially Rafa Medina, Dave Hubbard, Paul Caveras, Solomon Moore, Alejandro Barbosa and Nelson Mora who got through to the final stage of the competition.

Behind them they turn came surfers who masterfully delighted with its spectacular spectators wagered against the wave of the Quemao maneuvers, going to the next round Othmane Choufani, Roberto Damico,

José Mentado, Joshua Braddock, Marc Lacomare, Jonathan Gonzalez, Yael Peña and Connor Maguire.

In the afternoon with better conditions and waves one meter high, the last qualifying day were played in which bodyboarders Javier Ceballos, the world champion, Frenchman Amaury Laverne, Eliot Morales, Aday Borges, Alex Uranga, Nestor Pérez, Aitor Ojeda and Carlos Sainz were imposed on their sleeves.

With surfers again in the waters of Santa recent qualifiers in which they could enjoy a great competition with riders offering its best to continue in the championship disputed.

Thus Luis Diaz, Kalani da Silva, William Aliotti, Ian Conseza, Gilmar Catelani, Jose Roman, Andy Criere and Miguel Blanco getting their place in the finals to be held this Thursday in the last and final day of the Quemao CLASS 2018 .

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