Jonathan Gonzáles and Amaury LAVERNE imposed in the Quemao CLASS 2018

The Canarian surfer imposed its dominance in the final while French bodyboarder showed why he is one of the best riders in the world in the wave of La Santa

After several weeks of waiting, the Quemao CLASS 2018 did not disappoint anyone and in a second day of excellent wind conditions and strength, the 16 best surfers and the 16 best national and international bodyboarders measured their forces on the last day of the championship.

Sleeves started strong with very favorable conditions in the morning in direction of force and prevailing winds that allowed to enjoy some really radical tubes.

In the form of surf, the canary Jonathan González gave no respite to the rest of the competitors and as an expert on the wave, demonstrated with its spectacular maneuvers the high level he has, which earned him according to the judges to claim the crown the Quemao CLASS 2018.

In the section bodyboarders, the final was very competitive but ultimately the experience and quality of French rider but settled on the island of Gran Canaria, Amaury Laverne, made after an impressive pipes and very clean air maneuvers were boosted with the title the Quemao CLASS 2018.

A year's competition demonstrated why he is one of the most important events Surf and Bodyboard held in Europe with the wave of the Quemao and riders as protagonists.

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